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How to Contour Contouring means a makeup technique of sculpting the shape of face or other desired parts of the body. This technique has earned a huge popularity since the television celebrities started doing this method to make their cheekbones or nose line appear enhanced. Formerly, only makeup artists of the celebrities used to use this technique for them. Since one can contour his/her face easily with some everyday products it has now become widely popular with the makeup lovers. Contouring needs a lot of practice when done at home. Here we’ll be discussing the basic process of contouring face. Things required: 1. Foundation of a few shades ( one shade of your own skin tone, one of a bit lighter shade, and one of a darker shade) 2. Makeup brush 3. Concealer (if you have blemishes) 4. Highlighter (this can be skipped if you wish) 5. Blush (this can be skipped too) 6. Setting powder (optional) Let’s get to the process. 1. Cleaning the face Start with cleaning the face. Exfoliate if needed. Apply moisturizer after that. Let the moisturizer seat…show more content…
Apply foundation all over the face including jaw line and your chin. Blend it properly. Apply concealer if you have blemishes on your face. Then take a foundation of as low as two shades lighter than your skin tone and apply it on the places you want to highlight. For example, most people do contouring to make the cheekbones visible; so, they apply lighter foundation on the apple of the cheeks. The usual places to apply lighter foundation while contouring are the T-zone, the cheeks, the Cupid’s bow and the middle area of the chin. Now, in case the terms “T zone” and “Cupid’s bow” are not clear to you; the t-zone includes the nose line (the bridge of the nose), the center of the forehead along with the top of the brow lines; and the Cupid’s bow is the area between the tip of the nose and the top of the

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