Contra Costa Athletic Case Study

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What is the “story” of your project or program?
I am writing to you on behalf of the Contra Costa Athletic Organization. Our coaching staff’s ultimate goal is to bring a group of male adolescents together by teaching them responsibility, respect, and encouraging them to work together as one so that they can grow into outstanding athletes, and students. This year, we have managed to inspire over 80 students of various cultural and economic backgrounds to be a part of this organization.
While student’s dedication and commitment are vested in our athletic program, many of our players come from low-income families, and they cannot afford to purchase the items needed to participate in our program. Our organization is reaching out to you for assistance. We would like you to play a role in our athletic program, by providing a small donation or sponsoring one of our student-athletes. Your contribution will not only encourage students to continue in a positive path, but it will change the lives of these young men. All proceeds will go towards football equipment, uniforms, summer camps, academic tutors, S.A.T., and A.C.T. testing
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“Using email, one part of integrated fundraising, to connect with donors not only allows a way for the fundraisers to “know” their donor base, but also gives them easy access to feedback (Olsen & Frazier, 2001). Olsen and Frazier state that e-mail is “the core communication tool for online donor development” (p. 60, 2001). It is cost-effective; saves time compared to phone calls, can be easily measured, creates an open dialogue, and is considered to be more effective than a website (Olsen & Frazier, 2011; Olsen, Keevers, Paul & Covington, 2001). The email also allows donors the option to respond and open up a dialog with the organization that may lead to a phone call or face to face
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