Contraceptive Mandate Case

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The film “The Corporation” is about corporate America and how it shaped our world today. A corporation is a company or group of people authorized as a single entity and recognized in law. The idea of corporations started hundreds of years ago. Corporations are now much different in today’s world than they were when they started. Corporations are now identified by the law as a person. They have rights just like citizens in the United States. Much like a real human being, corporate personhood allows a corporation to have some, but not all the rights that human beings have, for example, Corporations have the rights to enter contracts with parties and to sue or be sued. The entire idea of corporate personhood began evolving back in 1868 when the 14th amendment was passed. The 14th amendment granted citizenship to all individuals born or naturalized in the United States rights. Corporations wanted to be sure the states didn’t treat them unequally because they didn’t have any rights. This was the starting point for…show more content…
The Contraceptive mandate case is a very important case for the diversity of our country. This case deals with Hobby Lobby’s Christian faith. Hobby Lobby is a very religious corporation, but does not offer free insurance coverage to its employees because it’s against their religion. . A business or corporation has the same rights of political and religious expression as individuals. Since President Obama’s health care law took action it now requires health insurance to be provided to all employees. Hobby Lobby feels like this law is violating their religious rights. This is important regarding corporate rights because Hobby lobby does not have to pay severe fines. This was a victory for small family owned business because they all were granted their religious rights and freedom to express their rights in their
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