Snow Peas Research Paper

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This chapter actually draws generalizations and conclusion from studies by other researchers. Snow peas and sugar snap peas are two of the highest-value types of green peas traded internationally. These two types of peas also represent only a small part of total trade in green peas around the world. Snow peas, are grown in very few agro-climatic zones around the world appropriate for production. Production of snow peas has proven successful in Kenya around Mount Kenya. (Plunnkett 2008). Most of the horticultural produce exports in Kenya came from central and eastern provinces (HCDA 2007).The leading horticultural crops grown and exported, from these two regions being French beans, snow peas, snap peas and sugar snap (HCDA2007) Snow peas (Pisum sativum var. Macrocarpon) have level, sweet and fresh cases (less stringy) that can be consumed before seeds create and begin to swell. It is nutritious i.e., a great wellspring of fiber, vitamin A and vitamin C that can be consumed crude, daintily bubbled, steamed or utilized as a part of 'mix fries'. Its shoots from the built plants might likewise be utilized for cooking and as a part of mixed greens. Snow pea is a 60-65 days term trim that obliges moderate temperature in light of the fact that the temperature over 30°C reasons poor fertilization, early development and lower yields while low…show more content…
(Woodend 2003)Contract farming relies on the commodity to export. Perishable and high value produce in the horticultural products require close monitoring and supervision production involving pre and post harvesting techniques, If this is not done in a purposeful manner low quality of produce will surface.(woodend

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