Contradicting Brutus Funeral Speech In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

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Brutus’ funeral speech was more persuasive towards the Romans because he was very formal , which was used to join the Roman people together to help Brutus prove Caesar was dead. During his speech, Brutus calls Caesar an “ambitious” man. As Brutus addresses Caesar as ambitious it makes the crowd think of him as selfish. On the other hand, Antony’s speech was disrespectful and more personal. Conflicting Brutus’ speech, Antony starts his speech with “Friends, Romans, countrymen…”, which makes the crowd want to listen to what he has to say, as he uses the word friends. This makes his emotional state more believable, as he talks about his “love” for Caesar, and made it more convincing that he was a good friend to Caesar. Throughout his speech, he uses parallelism and repetition to make Brutus look bad but also to defend Caesar’s reputation. Antony frequently used honorable to portray Brutus. The response to this was that he was contradicting Brutus’ speech.…show more content…
He made the people of Rome feel bad for him, and they saw him as a good man who was loyal to Caesar. Brutus only had one thing going for him, which was he had helped to kill Caesar so that he could help Rome. The people of Rome of course, saw Brutus as the bad guy in this situation and did not believe he was loyal to Caesar. Although Antony uses tactics in his speech to make Brutus look like criminal for just marveling Caesar’s death. In my opinion I believe that Antony’s speech was more persuasive and believable than Brutus’.He made the crowd feel connected to Caesar and he caught the eye of the Roman people. They both use parallelism to tear the other down. Antony uses parallelism to make it clear to the citizens that Brutus is an evil person and claimed he was harmful. Although Brutus contradicts himself many times, but he tells the Romans that he was protecting
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