Contradiction In All Summer In A Day By Ray Bradbury

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“All Summer in a Day” by Ray Bradbury is about a girl who lives on Venus, where the sun only comes out once every seven years, for two hours, and there is a non-stop downpour all the rest of the time. It just so happens that today was seven years from the last time the sun came out. The main character is a girl named Margot, she is very shy and doesn’t fit in with the other kids. However, she has seen the sun before when she lived on Earth five years ago. Margot really wants to see the sun, but her classmates are jealous of her, because she got to see the sun while she could actually remember it. So, they decide to lock her in a closet. So, Margot tries to get free by throwing herself against the door, but soon decides to just wait there for…show more content…
A contradiction that was found in the the text was when the children let Margot out of the closet. This was a contradiction because beforehand, they were all too happy to lock Margot in the closet. Text evidence that shows this is “Hey, everyone let's put her in the closet before teacher comes!” (Bradbury 130). Since they hated her so much, they even went so far to as imprison her in a closet, so this shows that they really did not like her. Another example of them being mean to her is “‘What’re you looking at?’ said William . . . He gave her a shove.” (Bradbury 129) This is another example of her classmates being mean to her. These two quotes show that they were regularly hurting her, both physically and mentally. So, when they decided to let her out of the closet it was a contradiction of their past behavior. Another contradiction in the short story was when the children were enjoying and reveling in the Sun, this was a contradiction because before, the children thought the Sun was a joke. Evidence that shows this is “‘Well, don’t wait around here!’ cried the boy savagely. ‘You won’t see nothing!’ . . . ‘Nothing!’ he cried. ‘It was all a joke, wasn’t it?’” (Bradbury 130) This is a boy in Margot’s class talking about the Sun and he and the rest of the class do not believe that the Sun will every come out so they are making a joke of it. However, when the Sun finally does come out, he and his classmates are insanely happy and excited about the Sun. In the text it said “The children lay out, laughing on the jungle mattress and it heard it sigh and squeak under them, resilient and alive.” (Bradbury 131) which shows that they were happy to be out in the Sun, which was a contradiction of them scorning
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