Contradiction In The Road By Cormac Mccarthy

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In everyday life, there are so many people worth to love and worth for giving them much affection. But have you ever thought, who is your dearest? For everyone, the answer may be grandparents, mothers, siblings or friends. For the boy in McCarthy's novel,"The Road", his father's image will forever be the sacred fire that warms his soul forever. "The Road" written by McCarthy not only about the relationship between a father and his son but also about the contradiction in itself every human. Have you ever wondered how many contradictory thoughts that you have in a single day? How often do your actions go against thinking? How many times have you felt your feelings against the principles and beliefs of yourself? Most of the time we do not recognize…show more content…
The father doesn't help anyone to make sure that his son has enough food to eat to survive. He refuses to help the others and he doesn't need to share what he has with anyone. Because of that, his son will survive longer. When he meets a boy about his son's age, he can take the boy with them. But maybe he is afraid that if he does so, he will be distracted in protecting his son. As when he meets the thief, though he knows that chase will be dangerous, but he still chases him because of the blankets and the food, which can keep his son survives. That is why the father says to his son that “‘What do you think would have happened to us if we hadnt caught him?”’(McCarthy258). When he caught the thief, he asks the thief to take off everything. He says, "'Take your clothes off", "Take them off. Every goddamned stitch", "The shoes", "Put them in the cart"'(McCarthy256,257). He does that not because he needs these things, but because he doesn't want the thief has a chance to follow them and steals from them again. He still does that even his son asks him to not doing that. The father's consistency in decisions indicates that he volunteer to be a bad person for the protection of his
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