Contradictions In Romeo And Juliet Essay

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Nature has so many opposites. For example, the earth is where nature grows and is born as well as where it dies. These opposites and contradictions represent the relationship of Romeo and Juliet. They were born in the same city, “fair verona”, however in opposing, hostile families. Just like how two plants may be planted in the same park, however in two separate gardens. Romeo and Juliet’s families resented each other the way that plants resent too much water, yet nature still works. Romeo and Juliet had to work together cohesively to make their relationship work. In this passage The Friar is alone carrying a basket to pick herbs and plants for his potions. It is before Romeo approaches him to praise Juliet, his newfound love, and ask for marriage. The Friar, still alone at this point, begins to go on about the wonders of nature. Throughout the entire passage he manages to utilize opposition and contradiction.
“The Earth that’s nature’s mother is her tomb;
What is her burying grave, that is her womb;
And from her womb children of divers kind
We sucking on her natural bosom find,
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Everything that comes here to live, stays to die. Romeo and Juliet were born, together in the same city, and there their love was born. Their story may travel to places as far as Mantua, but in the end everyone reconvened in Verona when the news of Romeo and Juliet’s unfortunate deaths was heard. Romeo had raced back to Verona after receiving news of Juliet’s death. The Friar’s boy was not quick enough to get the message of the sleeping potion Juliet took to Romeo. He was entering her tomb so that he may say his goodbyes and lay dead with Juliet. He was suicidal and has brought a vial of poison along with him. The tomb laid in the middle of the woods. The living trees and forest all around it were the opposite of those dead who lay inside the
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