Similarities Between Books And Movies

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Most people find it difficult to differentiate between books and movies. Some similarities are that they’re both sources of entertainment and they both bring joy to many people. Some of the differences they have are that books are longer and take up a lot of time to be read. They have many similarities but they also have a lot of differences as well. Books take a lot longer to finish compared to movies since books have around 200 to 800 pages and movies are an hour to two or three hours long. Reading takes up a long time and an active imagination that doesn’t get bored easily. Reading also requires someone who is attentive and awake when reading so you don’t zone out in the middle of reading then miss out on what happened. If that happens then you’ll have to go back and re-read the pages again to find…show more content…
When actors get to play characters in movies, it gives us a better look at how a character actually looks like and how they act, only if the actor is a good actor. Movies usually don’t take up a lot of time from us since they only last around 2 hours. They sometimes also have soundtracks that go along with the movie and songs that make you feel feelings you felt when you watched the movie. For example, Lord of the Rings’ soundtracks all remind me of going into battle, which is mostly what the series is about. It also reminds you of certain parts in the movie when you listen to it, and in my opinion that’s the best thing ever. Although books and movies have many differences, they also have many similarities. For example, they’re both sources of entertainment. They are both ways to tell a story of a character or the problems of a certain city or a conflict between multiple people. They both have a main character, minor characters, a setting, a plot, a plot twist, and a conclusion. You can also own both books and movies. You spend money on DVDs or Blu-Rays, and on physical or electronic
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