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Political, economical, social oppression of individual became humanitarian stance in such works: Bhabhani Bhattacharya’s Music for Mohini (1952) and He who rides a Tiger (1954), Kamla Markanday’s A Handful Rice (1967), Nayantara Sahgal’s Storm In Chandigarh (1969) and A situation in Delhi (1977) The Kannada novel Samskara (1965) by U.R Anantha murthy focuses on a particular kind of a community and its status in society. Malayalam Novel Chemmen (1956) of Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai and Madgulkar’s Bangarwadi (1955) are heart touching stories of the oppressed community of the society. A tremendous and remarkable contribution to English literature also had been given by wonderful, intellectual, and sensible women writers in India too…show more content…
R K Narayan achieved his worldwide popularity with his famous novel The financial expert (1952) and Man eater of Malgudi (1961). Kamala Markenday and Khushwant Singh are those prominent and popular names in English history who are known for their clear cut secularism in novels and inborn passion for poetry as well. Now a day a number of writers have given their contribution to Modern English Literature. Their powerful literary expressions as fictional works have got prestigious place today. Though these works are fictional at point it connects readers’ day to day life and experiences and they find themselves in the fictional characters. Joan Rockwell, in her seminal work, Fact in Fiction: The Use of Literature in the Systematic Study of Society, points out,―Fiction is not only a representation of social reality, but also a necessary functional part of social control, and also, paradoxically, an important element in social change. It plays a large part in the conduct of politics and, in general, gives symbols and modes of life in those less easily defined, but basic areas such as norm values, and personal and interpersonal behavior.

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