Religion: The Role Of Religion In Ancient Egypt

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BY: Rory Adrian McBeath
For human beings, religion can be a way of seeing things in the world, and also a way to answer questions that are hard to know the answer to. Through studying Ancient Egypt, it’s clear that religion was an important part of Ancient Egypt’s society and history, so how did religion affect different parts of society? Similar to how we think of religion today, it guided every aspect of life. For example ancient Egyptians would pray to a god when they needed help with a problem. Many people do that today--like
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When Anubis weighed a heart, he was seeing if it was as light as a feather or lighter; if it was then you could go to the underworld, if it wasn’t then his monster pet devoured it. This belief made most Egyptians fight for what THEY thought was right, like helping take over other major cities by force and violence. After learning about this, I thought that when the ancient people prayed to a god, it was much like today, how some people pray to God, Jesus or to Allah. Sometimes religion is combined with…show more content…
The Ancient Egyptian religion was always preoccupied with death and spells to ward off danger thus making every day a count down. Religion was the soul of Ancient Egypt, like food and water to the human body, it helped replenish their wisdom. The impact of religion was huge.
Religion was a big thing in Ancient Egypt with even the farmers having specific duties, so here is how religion affected farmers. Farmers had a BIG job that got LITTLE attention, about 20 percent went to taxes and an unspoken amount to worshipping the gods. Farmers had to plant harvest or do any other activity at fixed times. Work was kept organized by a “hierarchy of demand”. Farmers DEPENDED on the yearly flood to water their crop with irrigation technology that was just starting to come to hand (Brown, n.d.). They prayed to the gods for luck with the floods and harvest.
In conclusion, religion could drive people to accomplish many things, could discourage others, and was thought of as all powerful. As you can see religion was important in Ancient
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