Contributions Of Andrew Carnegie

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Andrew Carnegie was a very influential person in the mid-1800s. He was one of the captains of industry of that time. He made one of the most famous bridges in America, the St. Louis Bridge, that stretched across the Mississippi River. He had a major mentor who helped him to become the man that he was, Tom Scott. Carnegie began constructing the St. Louis Bridge in February of 1868. He was not sure on how to build it because they needed to have room for steamboats to go underneath, yet it had to be long enough and strong enough for trains to cross it. He had an inventive idea one day to build it out of steel instead of wood, which was one of the ideas that would influence how people build bridges and buildings forever. The bridge was then strong enough to have an elephant walk across it, convincing everyone that it was a strong bridge.…show more content…
Tom Scott was one of the major railroad manufacturers in the 1800s. Andrew Carnegie was Tom Scott’s assistant when he was young. Scott grew fond of Carnegie and made him his personal assistant. This is how Carnegie’s skyrocketing business started. As he grew older, he was very helpful to Tom Scott’s business in the railroads, which is why Tom Scott was helpful towards Carnegie’s business as it first began. One day, because of John D. Rockefeller, Tom Scott’s business ended; this happened after the St.Louis Bridge was built. Carnegie had started his steel business from the idea he had when he built the
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