Contributions Of Confucianism In South Korea

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Idea of Confucianism is “Do not do to others what you don’t want to do you” South Korean intellectual achievements and success is the substantial contributions of Confucianism. Today, South Korean way of thinking, lifestyle, moral and fundamental values is part of Confucianism. South Korea has extraordinary economic growths that has led country out of poverty and stand the nation on the road of wealth. In 1960s, 70s, 80s south Korean economy was less than $100 per capita. In 1987s South Korea was a target of military dictatorship, however, luckily, nowadays it has a powerful government. South Korea does not only have a big economy but it stands between great powers in the context of successful legislations, justice and human rights inside the country. South Korea seems to be world’s powerful nations along with Asian countries: Singapore, China who are the world’s authoritarian and capital countries. Despite the South Korea’s dignity, it has second highest rate in terms of suicide. The problem is getting worse, rather than better, between 1989- 2009 suicide rates quintupled. In 1960s South Korea experienced currency crisis, Communist agitation and factionalism. In these circumstances, the army general Park Chung Hee took a power and starting several reforms that would make South Korea wealthy country. General Park, who was a President later, had undoubtedly a great influence on South Korea’s development. In 1950s, entrepreneurs were able to buy foreign firms from Japan,

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