Contributions Of Irish Literature

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Éire is a beautiful island flourishing with new and creative ideas. As an influential country, Éire has led the world to climb greater heights in arts and literature. One may think of Éire as a paradise that thrives with ideas, greatly affecting the world that we know today. Éire, the Irish name for Ireland, is the significant land that is home to a unique culture that is being celebrated throughout the planet. Within a world full of diversity, the Irish culture has spread throughout earth and into the daily lives of many people. The Irish culture contains a rich history that has a huge impact on the customs of others everywhere. A world a difference means a world of embracing diversity, and we have been positively affected by other cultures without even realizing it. Many aspects of life have been influenced by the Irish, and arts and literature are just two of the many fields greatly impacted.
Irish writings have made major contributions to world literature. For example, many works by Irish writers including A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift and Dracula by Bram Stoker have been considered classics for students to read in schools throughout the world. Irish poetry and novels were mainly written in English, Irish, and sometimes Greek. This made it common for citizens that spoke these languages across the world to read Irish works. The talented authors of worldwide known Irish writings have contributed to leading the way for other writers of the 20th century. A small
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