Contribution Of Islam To Society

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Jehanzeb Siddiqui
8 October 2014
Contributions of Islam to the world and Baghdad By studying and surveying the heritage of Islam, we come to know the contributions Islam has made in the development of the world’s culture, education, science and civilization. The foremost idea that Islam gives us is to foster the importance of education in the minds of the people and this importance has been signified by our last Prophet (P.B.U.H) as well. History tells us that the world progressed very swiftly in the four decades of Islamic civilization due to significant contributions made by the Muslims due to the emphasis of Islam over learning. This emphasis over learning education can be confirmed from the teachings and traditions of our Holy
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With such an importance of education, the first university was established by the Muslims in the world with the name of Al-Azhar in 800 A.D.
Moreover, the CEO of Hewlett Packard once described the significance and importance of Islamic civilization in his speech by accepting the fact that Muslims were the enablers of most of the contributions to this world and that they should be grateful to the Islamic civilization. According to many writers, Muslim civilization has not only tried keeping the knowledge intact but also passed on their knowledge to others so that further improvements can be brought about in this world. The Muslim civilization was busy in making significant contributions in the world when other nations were afraid to do so. Clearly the world that we live in is not aware of the fact that it is in debt of the Muslim civilization. The technology that we see could not have existed if the religion of Islam wouldn’t have emphasized on the importance of knowledge and so inspiring Muslims for their early contributions in the scientific
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Islam enabled Muslims to make meaningful and noteworthy contributions to this world that has paved the way for many to make use and benefit these from these contributions of Muslims. The achievements of Islamic civilization give us the true picture of the increasing quality of their life. Islam gives the idea of uniting the mankind by eliminating the barriers between the countries and by having one religion and one religious tradition among them. Talking about the contribution of Islam in Baghdad then we come to know that the roots of the city belongs to ancient Babylon. However Baghdad became famous during the 8th century for being the center for commerce, education and culture. Muslims made many contributions in this city in the fields of humanities and science. Many hospitals, libraries and museums were being established in the city by the Muslims. Many famous Islamic scholars gained their education from Baghdad during the 9th century from one of the most famous university in the world “Bait Al-Hikmah”. This university in Baghdad attracted many scholars from over the world, belonging to different cultures and religions. History tells that Baghdad was one of the most vibrant and most famous cities of the world at that time while under the rule of Abbasid dynasty but later Mongols took over

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