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Jehanzeb Siddiqui History 8 October 2014 Contributions of Islam to the world and Baghdad By studying and surveying the heritage of Islam, we come to know the contributions Islam has made in the development of the world’s culture, education, science and civilization. The foremost idea that Islam gives us is to foster the importance of education in the minds of the people and this importance has been signified by our last Prophet (P.B.U.H) as well. History tells us that the world progressed very swiftly in the four decades of Islamic civilization due to significant contributions made by the Muslims due to the emphasis of Islam over learning. This emphasis over learning education can be confirmed from the teachings and traditions of our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) and from the Holy Qur’an. Islam teaches us to pursue education and with help of education Muslims were able to make noteworthy contributions to the world which helped the world to make further accomplishments with the help of those contributions made by the Muslims earlier. The Holy Quran has completely distinguished one who has knowledge from the one who doesn’t have any knowledge. Islam has emphasized a lot of importance over the fact that people should have the urge to educate themselves, learn, respect the authority, remain disciplined in all walks of life and be tolerable to other religions. With such an importance Muslims were encouraged and inspired to make a lot of contributions in the world which helped

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