James Prescott Joule's Theory Of Conservation Of Energy

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1) James Prescott Joule
James Joule was born at Salford, England, on Dec 24, 1818 discovered Joule 's law of thermodynamics, introduced the theory of conservation of energy, and by that First Law of Thermodynamics was evolved.
Joule did any experiments involving mechanical work, electricity and heat, he showed that the amount of heat produced per second in a wire carrying current equals to current squared multiplied by the resistance of the wire(P=I^2 *r)
Joule began working with Thomson, The most famous experiments involved the decrease in temperature associated with the expansion of a gas without increase in external work. This effect of gas as it expand is known as the “Joule—Thomson effect.
2) J. W. Gibbs
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In this paper, he mentioned that there is significant contradiction between the concept of conservation of energy by James Joule, Helmholtz, and Thomson, and Nicolas Carnot 's principle . Clausius redefined existing two laws of thermodynamics .Firstly derived relationship between work done and heat generated thereby, or conversely, by heat absorbed and the work produced. The second was related to the observation that whenever heat is converted to work, it is a must that certain amount of heat flows from a hotter to a cooler…show more content…
H. Diesel (1858-1913) and C. A. Parsons (1954-1931)
13) Hermann von Helmholtz (1821-1894) born on august 31,1982 ,was a physicist who made wide contribution in modern science.he is known for his, theories of vision, research on color vision . he was known for theory on conservation of energy, workdone and energy in electrodynamics and thermodynamics.

14) Max Planck born on 23 april 1858 , he was first physicst who explains quantum theory , which won noble prize .Atomic and sub atomic processes are explained in depth with the help of his well known quantum theory, he also contributed in the findings of black body radiations, according to his theory electromagnetic things or energy could be emmited only in the form of quantum or quantized form

15) Robert Boyle and J. L.
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