Contributions Of Literature In Shakespeare's Hamlet, By William Shakespeare

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Throughout the history of mankind, countless works of art and pieces of literature have had a significant impact on the ideas of a particular region. Whether the purpose of that novel or short story is to entertain or to reference a political event, it usually offers points of view that reflect the ideas of the artist, author, or poet. A spectacular example of a piece of literature which provides striking concepts and interpretations is Hamlet written by William Shakespeare. Hamlet contributes to Shakespeare’s list of plays and makes relevant connections to the era in which it was written. In 1599, the inspiration for Hamlet came from Shakespeare losing his only son to the Bubonic Plague. At the time, this was believed to occur due to spirits, which is one of the major characters in this play known as King Hamlet, Prince Hamlet’s father. In this play, Prince Hamlet is the protagonist who seeks revenge on the individual who has murdered his father, and uses deception and his insanity to save the kingdom of Denmark. Although Hamlet served the purpose to entertain crowds in the Globe Theater, the play reflects the culture and times of early 17th century England due to its use of common superstition, relatable perspectives such as inner turmoil from madness, indecisiveness of the main character, and dramatization of ethical issues such as calculated revenge and thwarted desire.
In 17th century England, ignorance, fear of the unknown, and belief of the existence of spiritual
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