Contributions Of Napoleon Bonaparte's Rise And Influence

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Napoleon Bonaparte’s Rise and Influence

The western world as we see it today has been heavily influenced by many changes in society caused by the political actions of this man. Napoleon was power hungry. He strengthened the us, and brought to life both nationalistic and liberal rights to the people of France. These actions could either be seen as keystones or mere consequences to the successes of his military campaigns and political career. Either way, they were to shape France, Europe, and the world as we see it today.

The question at hand is how Napoleon could achieve the things he did. Were the lasting contributions by Napoleon inevitable, or did they come to exist thanks to him? How much individual power did he actually have in the broad spectrum? To answer this question we have to analyse what the situation was like in France and the rest of Europe, both before, during, and after his reign. Were other countries similar or different? Can we spot any consequences later in history?

Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821), also referred to as Napoleon I, was a military leader and Emperor of France who conquered large parts of Europe during the early 19th century. He was born on Corsica, an island belonging to France in the Mediterranean sea. His parents were members of the Corsican nobility, but his family was not wealthy however. During his younger years Napoleon went to school in mainland France, and he began studying at a royal military academy by the age of 10. In 1785 he
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