Contributions Of Socialization

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The purpose of this essay is to identify socialization, contributions to socialization and the agents of socialization. Socialization? Socialization is the process an individual goes through from the day they are born to the day they die. Sigmund Freud, Jean parget, Lawrence Kohlberg, George Herbert Mead and Charles Horton Cooley all contributed to socialization. Sigmund Freud talked about human personality, he said there are three parts of a human personality. First one being the Id (wanting needs to be satisfied and wanting it immediately), second one being the ego (wanting wants to be satisfied but has patience to wait until they can get it). The third one being the super ego (morality is involved, make own decision and face the consequences that arises base on one’s decision). Jean Piaget talked about cognitive development and says there are four stages of development namely sensorimotor stage (use of sense to identify objects), preoperational stage (starts learning language, uses symbol within environment to develop), concrete operational stage (use of objects to find solution), and the last one being the formal operational stage (fully developed, thinks critically). Lawrence Kohlberg uses Piaget’s Approach to come up with his view on moral development. In his view he says that the preconvention stage is where individuals (infants) want their needs to be met. In the conventional stage he says that individuals base situations on moral reasoning. He uses the post
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