Walt Disney Impact On The World

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Walter Elias Disney. Walt Disney's creativity and love for his dreams are evident in all the works and contributions he produced that have brought entertainment to so many. Walter had won 22 awards throughout his lifetime but gained much more than awards. Walter has impacted our world today in many ways. Three of the many ways Walt Disney has impacted our lives today are, Cartoons, Theme parks as well as his Movies. Walter Elias Disney Born on December 5th, 1901 in Hermosa, Illinois was an innovative animator and created several cartoons along with cartoon characters. One of the cartoon characters known by many that Walter had created is Mickey Mouse. Throughout Walters’s lifetime he has won 22 awards through his cartoons.( Walter was…show more content…
Margaret Winkler, was the woman who had offered the first deal with Disney Productions to distribute the Alice Cartoons. Together they had created a character called Oswald the lucky Rabbit with $ 1,500 each. The first animated shorts Featuring mickey mouse was Plane Crazy as well and the Gallopin' Gaucho. Both of which were silent films but failed to find distribution. When sound had made its way into the film world, Disney had then created a third sound and music short called Steam Boat Willie. Walter had been the voice of Mickey mouse soon becoming an instant sensation. Disney had started to experiment with cameras and hand drawn animation around the year of 1919. Disney had gone on to have his own Ad Company in time hiring an employee of Fred Harriman. Disney had realized a few years later that Winkler and her husband Charles Mintz had taken the rights to Oswald as well as all of Disney's animators outside of Iwerks. The second they had found out Disney and his brother Roy and their wives with Iwerks had produced three cartoons featuring a new character which Disney had been working on called Mickey…show more content…
His wife Lillian had helped him with the creation of Mickey Mouse as well as the ideas with new characters. Walter had originally named Mickey Mouse Mortimer Mouse. Lillian had given Walt the idea to change the name to something more fun and friendly for children. One of Disney’s coworkers had attempted to steal the ideas of Mickey mouse, Disney ignored it and went on to a publish Mickey Mouse anyways. Did you know that Disney himself was the voice of Mickey Mouse? A few years later Walter and Harriman had went out to make a deal with a local Kansas City theater to show their cartoons, which they had called Laugh-O-Grams. The cartoons instantly became popular. The Laugh-O-Gram had hired a large amount of employees, including Ub Iwerks. Together they had made a series of seven minute fairy tales that had live action and animation. They had decided to call one out of the many cartoons Alice in Cartoonland. By the year of 1923 the studio had become over whelmed with debt causing Disney for call for
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