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On January 12, 2018, a state trooper was shot during a struggle with a armed assailant. He was alone with the shooter on an isolated road while bleeding out. As he was grasping for air, enduring intense pain in his shoulder and chest, he heard a car nearby. While the trooper was fearing for his life in his current vulnerable state, a civilian driving by, stopped and took immediate action. The heroic civilian drew his gun and exchanged heated gun fire with the assailant. In the end, the assailant was killed and the life of the state trooper was saved. The life of the trooper was spared due to an armed civilian. This catastrophe was both committed and stopped by civilians with firearms. Tragedies like these spark the debate of gun control, should guns be regulated by the government and to what extent? 30,000 American lives are lost each year due to guns, estimated by Barack Obama. 30,000 lives are ended with guns, this doesn’t include the families and friends affected by such occurrences. There has been a rise in the death toll of mass shootings and the frequency of them, the deadliest only occurred last year. In 2018, there have been twenty nine mass shootings alone (Gun Violence Archive). The safety of all Americans are called into jeopardy, so the paramount question is, to what extent should the distribution and utilization of guns be regulated by the government? Gun control opposers, those who own guns and fight for the right of gun ownership, believe that any alteration

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