Control In A Midsummer Night's Dream

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Control is defined as the power to influence or direct people's behavior or the course of events. In play A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare there is control, love, hatred, jealousy, and happiness. Oberon controls people to feel anger, he controls people out of power, and controls people out of love. Many people control others because of anger. In Act 2, Oberon puts a love potion on Titania as a trick to make her fall in love with a beast. “I will place the pollen from the flowers loin Titania's eyelids so that the next thing she sees- be it lion, bear, wolf, or bull- she will fall madly in love with, and I will get that boy.”(5) Oberon controls Titaina with a love potion to make her fall in love with a hideous beast because he is angry that she won't give him the little boy. In anger he is controlling his wife to get what he wants. In the same Act, Oberon tells his fairy servant Puck… “All I want is that little human boy she keeps.” Oberon wants the little boy to make him into his own henchman, but Titania will not let him have the boy because she feels responsible for the child when his mom…show more content…
In Act 3.2, Oberon tells Puck, “I want you to interrupt their search by makinging it foggy. Do not allow them to find each other… Once they are asleep, place this potion in Lysander's eyes to remove the pollen you mistakenly placed.”(16) With that power of control by being the Fairy King, he is controlling his servant to have him things right between the couples. Oberon controls Puck by telling him what to do to the couple so they won't be able to find each other and fight. In Act 4, Oberon demands Puck, “Puck, you must end your prank, as well. Take the donkey spell off this man, and just like you did with the couples, have him remember this night as only a dream.”(16) Oberon also controls Puck by making him take the donkey spell off of Bottom. Controlling people to feel power will make problems in the
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