Controversial Themes In The Film 'Gattaca'

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Controversial themes have long been a component of memorable film. These particular films touch on topics audiences might have typically found taboo or litigious, often dealing with ethical and social affairs. A prime example of this is the 1997 sci-fi film Gattaca. In a nutshell, Gattaca is a tale about a genetically caste era featuring modified humans and technologically reinforced discrimination. This world is no longer prejudice against class, gender, or religion but rather on DNA itself. The film serves as a warning about extremes in technological advancement and genetic engineering. A society attempting to create utopia by genetically customizing reproduction introduces several questions regarding gene discrimination, expectations of…show more content…
Throughout Vincent 's endeavor, he remains persistent and determined to reach his goals, no matter the cost. Vincent goes as far to "dispose of as much loose skin, fingernails and hairs as possible, to limit how much of [his] in-valid self [would be] left in the valid world." In another instance,Vincent travels with Irene, a female co-worker, when she insists that he accompany her for a surprise. Despite being blinded without contacts, Vincent risks crossing a dark busy roadway after Irene. In this moment, Vincent is again willing to venture into great depths to protect his identity and to pursue his dreams. Human will, especially in Vincent 's case, affirms stronger than genetics. Vincent is able to overcome discrimination and deceive Gattaca administrators, convincing them of his greatness. He receives validation when his director compliments his hard work saying, "Not one error in a million keystrokes. Phenomenal. It 's right that someone like you is taking us to Titan." Certainly the creators of Gattaca had our generation in mind when developing the concept for this film. Technologies, such as gene editing, are no longer a vision of the distant future, but rather a stronghold on present society. As humans, we are constantly looking for the passage to perfection. Persistently hunting ways to modify different aspects of our lives, rather that be cosmetically, intellectually, or genetically. But what really makes one individual more flawless than another? Is it the way we are assembled? Or perhaps it 's the way we develop?Either way, as the movie implied, "there is no gene
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