Controversy In Sophocles Antigone

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Sophocles, with his intelligence and creativity, presented numerous ethically correct and incorrect circumstances in his play Antigone, also consisting of arguable traits. With every character shadows a dilemma that the reader has to interpret for themselves, and this is one of the reasons that it is as intellectually challenging as it is presented. One of these characters within the controversy is Antigone, the daughter of the former king of Thebes. To understand Antigone’s moral controversy, one must know the reasoning behind her actions. In the plot, Antigone is furious over the disrespect Polynices, her dead brother, is given. Because of Polynices’ actions of betrayal towards the city of Thebes, he is denied a proper burial from Creon,…show more content…
He states, “Exactly when did you last see the gods / celebrating traitors? Inconceivable!” (Sophocles 326-327). This delivers the argument in reference to Antigone’s beliefs of glory that it is merely impossible to imagine the gods giving glory to those who honor traitors, regardless of their relation to one another. He is stating the unimportance of following the laws set by the gods in regards to dealing with citizens who have the incentive to become traitors of their own city. His incentive behind his thought process is born because of his duties set upon him as a king but because of this statement, he produces a questionable response pertaining to Antigone’s actions in the plot. After analyzation of Antigone, it is safe to state that many questions dealing with morality in the culture of Sophocles’ time have ascended. With the diverse quantity of opinions fluctuating around our society about morality so frequently in life, arguing and debating over these questions is inevitable. The question consisting of the laws set upon us and our obligation to them is still present in the culture of our society today, and it will continue to be an issue in the
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