Controversy Over Embryo Selection

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The Controversy Over Embryo Selection (Midterm Essay) Embryo selection has become such a controversial topic recently due to its rising popularity. Celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Kim Kardashian used embryo selection processes to select the sex of their baby and many others have taken a larger step. With this process, parents can choose traits for their babies like personality, height, intelligence, hair color and even eye color. In other words, parents can create their own perfect baby like they would do while choosing a house. Although many people see advantages to the types of embryo selection, there are many cons that could potentially hurt the world and the future generations. There are two major types of selection that people use:…show more content…
Couples are designing their babies like they were cars or houses. Babies becomes materialistic items and not humans who live and breathe. Houses and cars are all replaceable and that is why people design them and change them because they can always leave or change them again, but with babies it is a human life that is being changed. Designing babies is inhumane and it really makes the concept of having babies money-orientated. Because this process will become like all the others, if you have a house and you have money you should and by social pressure renovate and update your house. So, if you are having a baby, not choosing its hair color or eye color will be against social norms because your life isn’t “perfect” like it should be. Thus, it will become a norm and the spontaneity that comes with babies will…show more content…
Eugenics or the science of improving a human gene pool. The gene pool is modified and changed so that only desirable genes are dominant to create the perfect human race. When asked, many people said they would choose what they wanted in a baby and not a trend however, history and science has shown that people sometimes unconsciously follow trends. Thus, if making females gets popular, a lot of the babies will be designed female and that could create the imbalance. As seen a couple of years ago, with the one-child policy in China, parents began to abort or abandon female babies because men could carry their name. So, if they could only have one child, then they preferred a boy and that caused problems. First, babies that were innocent in the whole situation were left to die or live a miserable hungry life just because men were more desirable and secondly there weren’t enough women for men. To reproduce, there needs to be men and women, but if there aren’t enough women reproduction doesn’t
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