Controversy: The Case For Constant Connectivity By Jesse Brown

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Everyday we wake up to a world of technology; whether it be the light on the ceiling of the bedroom, the electronic alarm clock by the bed, or a smartphone that is probably close by. As is described by author Jesse Brown in “The Case for Constant Connectivity”, there is much controversy surrounding the issue of technology and how it is affecting our social lives, work lives, and overall health. The two most prominent arguments can be related on some level to technology having either a negative or positive effect. However, technology itself is neither good nor bad, because the controversy should be in how we use technology, not technology itself (Brown 3). Technology is a tool and how we use that tool determines the side effects, whether they be positive or negative.…show more content…
They believe that technology is a non-necessity that humans lived without, in their opinion better off, for many years. Those against technology understand, as Brown words it, “we’re terrified we can’t live without this constant stream of reassuring stimulation,” (Brown 2). Phones are constantly in use no matter the place, time of day or situation, a major issue that the world as a whole is facing. Humans are becoming removed from the people around them and opting for a device, a piece of technology. Brown even admits, “I lift my phone to my face hundreds of times a day,” in his essay “The Case for Constant Connectivity” which supports the use of technology. There is no doubt that this constant use has many detrimental effects, especially to children, which is another strong argument of those against technology. Overall, one could say that smartphones and by association technology is bad, because of all the negative effects that are attributed to it and the fact that it is an unnecessary device that takes away from everyday
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