Virtue Ethics Of Abortion

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Abortion is generally regarded as a behavior that can artificially terminate a pregnancy. The research conducted by Wong et al (2003) mentions that nowadays the term abortion states induced abortion performed by trained doctors. According to the statistics collected by Solodnikov (2011), the legal regulations of abortion can be classified to three categories: ban, based on medical, exclusive and socioeconomic indications and completely legalized. It seems to be evident that people from different cultures and backgrounds hold diverse views on the issue based on different moral theories. Although the behavior has existed for thousands of years in the society, whether abortion is moral and permissible has still caused strong debates
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Virtue ethics views on abortion
In recent years, the ideology that fostering children demands numerous investment in both physical and mental sectors has gradually obtained the agreement of numerous citizens. As a result, the motivation of abortion is mainly the excessive worry about the ability to raise children and the pressure of raising children. The following statement will focus on this abortion in relation to the application of Virtue Ethics.

It is reasonable to assume the circumstance that the pregnant woman decides to abortion since she is concerned about the future life of herself and her child and her capacity of loving her child after her baby is born. According to the theory of virtue ethics, if there exist some methods to guarantee the capability to love her child and the affluent life of her and her child, abortion will be immoral and vicious according to the Virtue Ethics of Ristotle as selfish can be presented in this condition. However, without this condition, the woman can be both excessively rational and sane of Ristotle’s virtue ethics in the meanwhile. Based on the Golden Mean which denotes the general virtue between two extremes, both excessive and deficient, it can be illustrated that irrational and excessively rational are two extremes and sane is the most proper character trait in this issue. The

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