Controversy: The Pros And Cons Of Hunting

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When it comes to hunting, there are three types of categories. People that are okay with the idea of hunting and hunt, the people who don’t hunt but are okay with the idea of hunting, and then you have those people who condemn hunting and think it is wrong in each and every way. People that believe killing cute, innocent animals in order to put food on the table for families believe that it should be forbidden. I, on the other hand, can overlook the cuteness factor of the animal as I’m about to pull the trigger of my .223, thinking about how good this deer jerky is going to taste. Hunting makes us human.
Mankind has hunted and trapped animals since the very beginning of time. Our ancestors relied so heavily on animals for the high quality diet
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That’s how people who believe hunting is unethical see it: cruel. Hunting is not harsh, if done correctly. The hunter’s goal is to put the animal down as quickly and as humanely as possible. They try to make the first shot count so that they don’t have to try to shoot an painicing, wounded animal a second time. A hunter may come across an injured or sick animal, like a limping deer, a hobbling rabbit, or a squirrel that obviously has rabies. Also, killing an animal that has a type of disease could prevent that animal from spreading it to another animal and could actually save the lives of other…show more content…
It helps keep our nature and outdoors maintained well and as healthy as possible. It provides funds for public living areas. It also encourages all ages to be active in outdoor activities. Yet another reason hunting should be promoted to do that people understand the meaning behind it. In hopes of understanding humans and their reactions. Lastly, hunting should be promoted because it provides health benefits to not only the animal but to the people also. These are just few of many reasons hunting should be promoted and continued as tradition for later years and hopefully continue to

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