Controversy: The Pros And Cons Of Social Media

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Social media Controversy Billions of active users on social media love it. Facebook has 1.86 billion users and counting. Social networking has taken over society but is this a beneficial or harmful matter. Many people believe that it is beneficial to society because it simplifies communication. Although that is true, it also deterrents face to face socializing. This occurs due to society spending more than half of its time on social media. Social media is detrimental to society because of bullying as well as lack of interaction and physical activity, along with online hackers. To start, one may get cyber bullied, which is bullying over the internet. Others believe that it is easier to socialize and make friends. In reality, this is true however it…show more content…
While some people believe that hackers and other online predators are preventable they really are not. In reality, this unfortunate event can happen in anyone’s life no matter how well we think we are protecting the information. According Mike Urban’s article “The pro and cons of social media”, “posted information is never fully secure” even with the privacy filters. In the article “The pros and cons of social networking” Stanberry explains that“ being harassed or stalked online by adult predators is far less common than cyberbullying, any incident is one too many.” She means that it is not as frequent as cyberbullying however it does happen that that is still tremendously horrible. Similarly Mike Urban the author of “The pros and cons of social media” explains that it gives “hackers the opportunity to steal and misuse personal information.” Social media can be the cause to risk people’s viable information. For example, if one has credit card information that they don't want anyone knowing if they get hacked chances the hacker will use it for personal needs. In the end, social media might be putting its users at risk for identity theft and
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