Controversy: The Use Of Uniforms In Schools

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MR. Jonathan Close
English 100
Use of Uniforms in Schools

The school uniform is a clothes that can be controversial and a source of controversy betwen students and families. It has been the subject of praise and criticism. Bullying in the United States we can observed in all academic grade starting from kindergarten up to the high school.These acts of school violence include verbal and physical harassment in extreme cases can reach murder or suicide of victims, Unfortunately there are several reasons that motivate students to commit such acts against of their classmates.A good example is the different types of clothing that students use, it not only shows their economic and racial levels, but also their cultural and racial roots.For these reasons I am favor the use of
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Often, students who suffer from bullying are self-conscious, and it is very difficult to express their ideas for fear of being rejected and being abused. The use of uniform creates equality between students and these in turn create security strengthening freedom of expression. When my children changed school and went to study in one uniform requiring our students, I felt like I 'd won the lottery. You know what that means saving time and discussions in the morning to choose clothes for children? In my opinion, the uniform not only helps us save time and also represents a cost savings.I support the use of uniforms and I am from my own experience whit my children. Before, when they got up to go to school, usually we repeated the same questions. If you put the pants or skirt, a striped shirt or blouse with dots, if shoes or sneakers, which combined more socks and countless. In this aspect, the uniform has many advantages. Since my children wear a uniform, they changed themselves, breakfast quiet and almost never arrived late for
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