Controversy With Family Adoption

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Controversy with Family Searching In the United States, many children are put up for adoption or adopted from other countries. Adoption is a great alternative for women who are not ready to commit in raising a child on their own. Adoption is when a person or couple decides to become legal or permanent parents of who is native of the United States or of another country. Many adoptees do want to find their biological parents, but in these rare cases, many may be hesitant as they feel scared and abandoned, may refuse to know anything about their birth mother and father. Children of the adoptees have the right to search and find their adoptee’s birth family. To many children, family connections are important. We live with the curiosity and anxiousness…show more content…
At the age of four, Korassis was adopted by German parents by the name of Nathan and Dorothy Meyer in San Diego, California. Before that event, he spent his early childhood in an orphanage in Attiki. He may have been product of being a Black Market child. It is unknown if he has had any interest in finding his birth family, as he has commented that he feels abandonment and grief issues towards the rejection of his mother. We are currently in process with a Greek searcher to help William’s daughter gain information on their family and where they come from. The last name Korassis is very uncommon in Greece, there are only two families in the country that bear the Korassis last name. William’s daughter hopes to find out who her grandmother is, lead William and Eugenia together for reconciliation, so that his feelings of abandonment may be solved. We hope that Eugenia may clear up the reasons why she had to put him up for…show more content…
This practice involves trafficking children through monetary agreements, deceit, and force. Especially in Greece, many Greek Americans fear that they were involved in this illegal practice. After many years, Greek adoptees become aware that they may have been victims of this illegal practice. Many mothers were told that their child died in childbirth and these children were taken to make profit from. About two-hundred adopted children who were part of the Black Market and Child Laundering, only one hundred and fifty of these children were reunited with their birth parents. The Los Angeles Times addresses, the story of a lawyer in the northern Greek city of Salonica discovered she was sold to a family in Greece while being registered in the city’s state-run orphanage. alleged racket and its global reach was revealed a year ago by a lawyer in the northern Greek city of Salonica. She then soon discovered while going through records that she her information was falsified and she managed to trace her biological

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