Bottled Water Advantages

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Consumption of bottled water is increasing at roughly10% annually across the globe, which would make complete sense (Eubanks). As the years have progressed peoples' everyday lives have become busier, constantly running around trying to accomplish everything on the "to-do" list. The reoccurring theme of convenience, is evident in new and developing technologies. And nothing is more convenient than the water bottles. Although convenience is not the only advantage bottled water offers, it provides safe drinking water, and easily accessible. The convenience of bottled water is overwhelming. In the chaotic lives of the citizens of the world, bottled water is one resource continuing to make life just a little bit easier. The portability of bottled water adds to its value. Running late to work, an event, or a meeting? It is a thousand times faster…show more content…
When it comes to natural disasters or areas where clean drinking water is not available, bottled water could be crucial. The shelf life of bottled water is extensive, especially compared to tap water. When talking about its advantages in countries or places with poor water resources, its portability is an advantage also in this instance, it allows countries where clean water is not accessible, bottled water allows the people of these countries the opportunity to protect themselves from the diseases that linger in the contaminated water. The diseases people encounter often make them extremely ill and at times they don’t survive. Bottled water's high reputation, and standards for cleanliness grant third world countries the chance to attempt to protect their citizens. Nevertheless, bottled water also comes in high demand when a natural disaster occurs. There may come a time after a natural disaster where many locations may not be able to receive clean water for a period. Bottled water is portable, safe, and easily obtained here in the United
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