Convention Center Importance

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The convention centre is a building or group of buildings designed for industrial shows, exhibit areas, conference rooms, hotel accommodations, restaurants, and other facilities. The Convention Centre’s in Egypt are very rare and even the existing convention centers are not in competence with our current generation, it only aims to cover functional needs. The convention center design shall be an all-in-one design which facilitate all the needs for visitors such as hotel accommodation, car rental, shopping markets, restaurants, kids areas, medical care, fitness center, recreation center, … etc. .
Convention Centre is a significant part of the tourism industry because the tourism is expected to grow further in future. Our country needs more Convention Centres to meet the requirements of tourism. It is very important to have at least one convention hall, three mini convention halls, one large exhibition
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Sustainability is defined as the progress that increases the quality of life, both now and in the future. Designing a more sustainable Convention Center will help to achieve environmental, social and economic benefits for the community.
Environmentally sustainable Convention Centers reduce the impact on the environment by using features such as rainwater tanks, energy efficient hot water systems and passive solar design.
Socially sustainable Convention Centers are designed with features such as flexibility, comfort, access, safety and security are addressed so that they accommodate the changing needs of occupants and guests.
Economically sustainable Convention Centers that feature smart design, use low-maintenance materials and appliances, Natural heating and cooling are Economically sustainable and more cost-efficient over time.
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