Conventional Gender Roles

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Gender Roles Today women are paid seventy-five cents to the dollar of what men make because it is perceived that women have a lower ranking than men. Women are expected to settle down, get married, have kids, and stay a housewife and/or stay at home mom for the rest of their lives. A woman is expected to stay at home to cook, clean, and make sure everyone else’s needs are met before her own. But, what a woman is not expected to do is go out, have a career of her own, and take care of herself. Females are definitely more restricted by conventional gender roles. A woman is expected to do all the dirty work around the house, while a man is expected to go out and earn the money for his family to support them. A woman, by social definition, is confined by the walls of her home, never being able to leave or to make something of herself. Conventional gender roles state that a woman must attend to her husband and take care of him by cooking his meals, cleaning up his messes, and making sure he is happy. Then it’s expected of her to have children with her husband and take care of them until they are out of the house. Leaving no room for her to have a job and build a career. When…show more content…
A lot of women are held back from making their dreams a reality because of these roles that society has given them. There aren’t as many opportunities for women in a lot of fields of work, and that is discouraging to a lot of them. It doesn’t help that most men see women as beneath them and truly believe that the kitchen is where they belong. When people see a woman who is in her late thirties or forties with no husband or no children, people stare in disbelief and wonder what is wrong with her. They don 't bother asking her what it’s like being so successful in her career, all they see is that she isn’t following her gender role. The role that she’s expected to play in
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