Conventions In The Necklace

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Guy de Maupassant effectively uses the conventions of short stories in The Necklace to teach lessons about life. Firstly, de Maupassant employs many literary devices in The Necklace to engage the audience with the conventions of his short story. In addition, there are many similarities and differences between the real Cinderella story and The Necklace. Furthermore, the theme that people should not be slaves to the cruel whims of fortune but instead be satisfied with what they have transposes well to today’s society. Thus, Guy de Maupassant addresses the conventions of short stories to suit himself and the audience.
To start with, there are many literary devices utilised in The Necklace to capture the interest of the audience. Symbolism is one such device. In the story, Madame
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In both stories, there are godmothers present to assist the main characters. Fairy godmother gives Cinderella a carriage and a beautiful ball-dress. Madame Forestier, the fairy godmother in The Necklace, gives Madame Loisel the diamond necklace. Both Cinderella and Madame Loisel rushes down a flight of stairs into the carriages before others could notice their change into “modest everyday clothes, whose poverty clashed with the beauty of the ball-dress”. However, there are stark contrasts between the characterisation of Cinderella and Madame Loisel. Cinderella comes from a wealthy family, and despite the fact that her stepmother makes her live an impoverished life, she is patient and modest. Madame Loisel, on the other hand, is born “into a family of artisans”, whose poverty is caused by a tragic error. When the prince finally finds Cinderella using her glass slippers, he brings to her wealth, happiness and love. However, Madame Loisel’s loss of the necklace starts her downfall. These similarities and differences make Madame Loisel a more realistic
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