Intelligence And Creativity Essay

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Intelligence and creativity are two chief mental abilities that largely influence the performances and accomplishments of individuals. Intelligence is considered as the “capability to act purposefully, to think rationally, and to deal effectively with the environment”, whereas creativity is regarded as the “ability to generate novel and useful ideas” (Neisser et al., 1996; Sternberg & Lubart, 1999; Wechsler, 1944).The relationship between intelligence and creativity is not fully recognized, although recent research proposes that intelligent people certainly crave higher levels of creativity. Research also implies that intelligence and creativity coincide, meaning that intelligent individuals have a high capacity for creativity, and vice versa. This is slightly contradicts to former ideas that implied creativity raises intelligence levels. It takes only a minimal amount of creativity to exploit on intelligence. Psychologists notify that the absence of a correlation between convergent and divergent intelligence is not necessarily indicative
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Intelligence and creativity share relationships with other variables, and there are good reasons to think that third variables misperceive the relationship between them. Of the major dimensions of personality, openness to experience has the strongest and most consistent relationship with intelligence (Chamorro-Premuzic & Furnham, 2006). Many studies have found that people high in openness score higher on measures of intelligence (e.g., DeYoung et al., 2005). In philological studies of personality, the openness component often looks like an intelligence element (De Raad, 1994). Openness is also a strong predictor of creativity (Feist, 1998, 2006; King et al., 1996; McCrae, 1987; Weisberg, 2006), so it is rational to infer that openness to experience confounds relationships between intelligence and
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