Philosophy Of Leadership: Converging Pathways Analysis

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MALM Learning Outcome 4 – Philosophy of Leadership – Converging Pathways My philosophy of leadership is simple: Leadership is not about elevation to power, it’s about submission to duty. My duty is to do that which God has designed and intended me to do while I journey this earth. Every leadership role I pursue, which are becoming many, biblical teachings are integrated and are more often than not well received. Leadership is leading by example with honesty, integrity and clarity. I want to leave a legacy of a world that is changed for the better for my children and grandchildren. I believe forgiveness can change the world. “As Canadians, we share a responsibility to look after each other and acknowledge the pain and suffering that our diverse…show more content…
We must inspire, motivate, educate and reconcile for the future of unity. ‘Namwayut – We are ALL one. Professional Seminary Graduation Portfolio – MALM 2017 Kallie Wood 6 My leadership and management practices and strategic vision in regards to personal, corporate and relational contexts has grown exponentially. My journey at Briercrest Seminary, both through education and employment have strengthened my wisdom in leadership as well as finding out who I really am and what God has intended for me to do. I have attached evidence supporting this outcome; Outcome 4 – Coaching and Mentoring Future. MALM Learning Outcome 5 – Resiliency in Leadership Resilience is the inner strength that helps individuals bounce back and carry on in the face of adversity. It is the consequence in the renewal of something. This educational journey at Briercrest Seminary and the leadership as Indigenous Director has allowed me opportunity to articulate the best leadership and management practices that works in any environment, particularly my focus of Indigenous issues. The importance of building strength, endurance, flexibility and resilience in an entire culture that has had crucial adversities is an enduring journey. The importance of self-awareness and being aware of your strengths and weaknesses as a leader are crucial to successful leadership and…show more content…
Finding my “sweet spot” in leadership and articulating strengths, weaknesses and exploring and identifying situations for service and resilience. I recognized that it’s ok to fail! In fact, you cannot succeed without the risk of failure. Mark Twain says it best; “The two most important days in your life – the day you were born and the day you find out why.” This journey has allowed me to discover, rediscover, and/or reinvent myself in a way that enables me to live and serve in my sweet spot and to enhance my development in stewarding my life

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