Essay On Difficulties In Speaking English

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Topic area: - Exploring the conversational issues faced by Pakistani immigrants in speaking English abroad.
Communication is a key to our day to day conversation for conveying our thoughts, opinions and interpretations to others. In order to remove the barriers of communication one must deeply investigate the issues that are faced by individuals to communicate effectively. Nowadays, a large number of Pakistani people are shifting abroad for educational, business and employment purposes so; my topic of concern is to look into all the communicative problems that they go through. English is not our mother tongue we use it as our second language and we are hesitant in speaking it easily and we also have feelings of anxiety and nervousness. My research’s
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I also read that a lot of Pakistani immigrants who are students face the societal fears that they are usually not motivated when they speak English instead they are discouraged by people. English is not their first language so, they hesitate a lot. I also read that they usually mispronounce English words and they feel frustrated when a native speaker does not understand them and when they cannot explain well what they want to convey

TYPE OF RESEARCH:- My type of research would be a mixture of qualitative and quantitative research both because I will include statistical results as well as interviews questionnaires, discussions, general data ,few theories, text based research as well as non textual. It will be a mixture of subjective objective both.
My population of research will be of 40 members in total
10 Pakistani immigrants from UK
10 Pakistani immigrants from US
20 members from Pakistan who have lived abroad for few

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