Conversational Problems In Speaking English Abroad

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Topic area: - Exploring the conversational issues faced by Pakistani immigrants in speaking English abroad. Communication is a key to our day to day conversation for conveying our thoughts, opinions and interpretations to others. In order to remove the barriers of communication one must deeply investigate the issues that are faced by individuals to communicate effectively. Nowadays, a large number of Pakistani people are shifting abroad for educational, business and employment purposes so; my topic of concern is to look into all the communicative problems that they go through. English is not our mother tongue we use it as our second language and we are hesitant in speaking it easily and we also have feelings of anxiety and nervousness. My research’s aim is to understand the needs and conquer the issues which Pakistani immigrants face while speaking English. I will focus mainly on immigrants who are living in UK and USA and Pakistani people who have lived abroad for few years and have an experience of speaking English there. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY English is a global language. It is useful for everyone to learn it because it is a medium of communication for everyone nowadays. One cannot ignore this fact that English is the demand of this modern era of innovation and advancement. It is necessary for not only professional people but for every common person in this world to learn English. The significance of this study is to help Pakistani immigrants live their lives in a

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