Converse Case Study

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PROFILE AND RATIONAL FOR SELECTING COMPANY Converse shoes Converse shoes is the American shoe company, converse is known as one of the most iconic footwear company. The company was founded in 1908 by Marquis Mills Converse and it has been subsidiary of earlier Mills opened the rubber shoes company in 108 year ago(1908). The company manufactures rubber shoes, providing winterized rubble for men, women, and children’s after some years the company began manufacturing athletic shoes for tennis. The company main turning point came in 1947 when the Converse All Star basketball shoes was introduced. Founder: Marquis Mills Converse Founded: February 1908 Type: Subsidiary of NIKE Headquarter:-Boston, Massachusetts, United States CEO: Jim Calhoun. Converse company is organized for fully believing that there was an earnest demand from the retail sneaker dealers for a rubber sneaker company that would be independent enough not to follow every other company in everything they do. Converse has been manufacturing rubber-soled shoes since 1908 that were created to withstand the working life of everyday people. Although the company was the leading manufacture for basketball shoes at the time, its current identity shifted completely from being worm for recreational purpose to a more fashion forward look. ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS AFFECTED TO SUCCESS OF THE COMPANY Organization consider its environment before beginning the marketing process. It is the very important pint in
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