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While enrolling in Converse College and taking student success seminar, I’ve learned about leadership, growth, and overall success. SSS encouraged personal growth and achievement, and to do so, I explored topics of education, social issues, leadership, responsibility, etc. Converse College has shaped my views toward many things, in regards to my goals and personal habits. Such transformations have aided toward creating my own path of success. Prior to attending college, I had prepared and worked hard for my position at Converse. I studied, took AP courses, applied for scholarships, etc. When attending Converse, I underwent changes in my schedule, living (residential), etc. Such changes were easy-going and more relaxed compared to high school, but the pressure of success increased. Aspects such as time management became crucial. As a response of not living at home and being an “adult”, I was granted freedom. Despite having more freedom, I was tested with procrastination, laziness, etc. Overall, I learned in college that such freedom comes responsibility.…show more content…
To succeed in my majors, I first have to do well in my standard classes such as Fitness and Wellness or American History (classes that don’t contribute to my major). I personally believe such classes are stepping stones of furthering my knowledge and comprehension even if it doesn 't specifically correlate with my intended majors. While attending Converse, I have to keep a 3.5 or higher to keep all my scholarship; this pressure is intimidating, but this also contributes to my motivation for higher learning. During my college career, I hope to intern or work part time, so I can build my experience, connections, and

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