Conversion Of Clovis Essay

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The Conversion of Clovis Clovis, aka Chlodovocar or Louis, was converted into Roman Catholicism Christianity in 496 A.D. The conversion of Clovis, a former heathen and the founder of the Frankish power, was an important historical event. If by chance Chlodovocar, King of the Franks had accepted to become an Arian heretic like the other kings of the surrounding barbarian kingdoms, he would have lost favor with his mostly roman subjects (Denis 1). There are two accounts of the conversion of the king because it is believed the story of his conversion gave the devout raconteur an opening for many enlightening yarns. Two of these pious storytellers are St. Denis and Gregory of Tours. However, in this paper, the focus is the conversion of Clovis according to St. Denis. The conversion of Clovis was not just a turning point for the Franks, it happened in strange circumstances. Chronicle of St, Denis St. Denis captures the conversion of Clovis in his chronicles entitled “Chlodovocar, King of the Franks”. According to this story, prior to his conversion, the king was idolatrous and went to war with his neighbors including Alemanni. Clovis’ core intention in waging…show more content…
The king made a heartily confession of faith and became the first king of the Merovingian dynasty to convert to Roman Catholicism. His wife was overjoyed following his decision to convert into Christianity and she went to see the St. Remi, the then archbishop of the City of Rheims. St. Remi accompanied the queen back to the palace and it was there that he taught the king the ways of Christianity because he reckoned the king’s mind was still in doubt. The archbishop’s decision to visit the palace was a bold move and the first of its kind; the archbishop had never visited the palace because the king was a heathen and did not necessarily like
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