Convicted People Without Evidence

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In the court of law a person is considered innocent until proven guilty, you cannot convict someone without the proper evidence and a court to back up the evidence against the person being accused. In a court a judge or jury will decide whether the person should be convicted innocent or guilty based on the evidence. If proven guilty they can be sentenced to jail, life sentence, or in a serious case sentenced to death. Everyone has their rights and they cannot be violated without the proper evidence to be convicted. I am all forward with this statement, it would be horrid if they convicted people based on appearance, and accusations rather than based on evidence! For this reason it is a crime to put an innocent person to death. It is the same as murdering someone for no reason. The person gets tried for it but the court does not. They can just say it was a mistake and get away with it as if it wasn 't wrong. They are so eager to put someone in jail. They do not care if they are innocent or guilty. Therefore someone is innocent until proven guilty because if there is no evidence to support a claim or accusation. Without evidence there is no way of knowing if it 's a true accusation . You can not go…show more content…
Also it would not be the best feeling to know you could die or be incarcerated for something that was a false accusation. If there is no evidence proving that you are guilty how can you be guilty? It has to be the right evidence proving and showing what was going on. Or at least have an alibi so you will not be convicted guilty if it truly is a mistake. Innocent until proven guilty is one of the best things america has ever came up with, and it is super helpful in life. It hold a fair trial that can not be led on to something the judge believes because it would be unfair and would have to have a

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