Causes Of Capitalization Of English Essay

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“WRONG SPELLING WRONG “Ha! You are so wrong! There is no such thing as a word “wrung”! The right spelling is wrong. You are so stupid. And your capitalization of your words is detrimentally wrong. Linking verbs like “is” should not be capitalized. There is no connection with your use of words. There is no unity and coherence. Go read an English textbook, even an 8-year old is better than you in grammar.” Being corrected by very simple mistakes in Basic English can be frustrating, even if it’s just an honest mistake. It is a lot annoying and irritating if you are grammatically corrected and publicly humiliated by a Grammar Nazi. To know more about the ways of the Grammar Nazis, let us break down and explore its…show more content…
People who usually are the Grammar Nazis are those educated people who academically excel in the field of Linguistic and Grammar application. They will always correct your grammatical errors and shaming you in public social media as they show off their impeccable English skills which will lead them to feel superior to you, making you feel bad and implicitly mocking your grammar skills. Another reason would be that sometimes when they browse the internet and social media, and they found a grammatical error, they cannot resist correcting someone’s mistake. Grammar Nazis are very allergic to wrong punctuation marks, and spelling errors, so whenever they see errors, they will rectify them no matter what. Nevertheless, Grammar Nazis can be very arrogant after correcting someone’s faulty mistake in grammar. I mean, it is okay to correct someone but in a gentle and private way so that they will know their mistake. But to mock and shame you in social media is disrespectful and obstreperous. We do not get anything when we correct
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