Cookie Monster In Sesame Street

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Many parents would swear to the benefits of letting their children watch Sesame Street. Aside from making the usual boring stuff such as singing, dancing, counting and drawing all the more enjoyable, Sesame Street seemed to have left a mark on everyone’s childhood memory, imprinting a humongous influence of who we’re trying to be as we grow up. The fun-filled music and jingles, the colorful characters parading the screen and the wide variety of values that can be picked up; these are some of the many reasons why Sesame Street is one of the most revered children’s show all over the planet. Sesame Street taught us how to live merrily and how we should be treating other kids with a great heart and a solid set of values, and more so, we can never…show more content…
Okay, this character is just a Muppet but this iconic TV personality is someone known by almost everyone, even more famous than the others. The blue color, the wide balls of his eyes, the antics when he eats and the notable phrases he let us familiarize with, truly, Cookie Monster is one Sesame Street pillar that flipped the show as a worldwide phenomenon. Well, one blatant thing about our adored monster is his humongous appetite. Though his favorite is quite obvious, Cookie Monster also enjoys devouring other food types such as ice cream, hotdogs, pizza, cake, lettuce, apples, bananas and even watermelon. There’s no other Muppet in Sesame Street that can outstand the love for food of Cookie Monster, and he’s one of the many reasons why parents have had an easier time feeding their kids while…show more content…
Cookie Monster has a mother, a cousin, a younger sister and a father who advocates more socially-relevant concerns such as environmentalism, water conservation and proper energy use. Unlike other Sesame Street characters, Cookie Monster lived up to his name as it was given to him at the very first episode, making it stick up until today. On the glorious years of 1971-1972, the song C for Cookie had been shown public, making it Cookie Monster’s trademark song and children’s anthem for when they are feeling too stubborn to eat.
Since 1969, Cookie Monster is played by the very talented actor slash muppeteer Frank Oz. During the entire course of Cookie Monster’s existence, some other talents had taken over once in a while on the likes of Joe Raposo, Carroll Spinney, Eric Jacobson and David Rudman. Due to Cookie Monster’s extreme success in being so popular, there had been many children’s plaything that are produced inspired by him. More so, Cookie Monster books are made available on stands such as Cookie Monster’s Activity Book, Cookie Monster’s Blue Book, Biggest Cookie in the World and the Cookie Monster’s
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