Cookie's Influence On American Culture

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In this episode of Empire, Cookie, Andre, and Hakeem decided to join together and create their own record label in order to compete with “Empire”. When Cookie told her son, Jamal, this information, she was very cutthroat as if to say “We are going to take you and your father down”. My idea of what the theme of the show is has changed from last week. The theme of the show, as it relates to black women, is that black women may be diverse but one thing that they all have in common is greed and making sure that they are successful in their own right. Anika has more of a proper corporate background than Cookie, who is a former drug dealer, and the two always seem to clash with their different personalities, but, the two both want what’s best for themselves and the company. This was exhibited last episode when Anika was willing to sleep with the investor and throughout the whole first season as Cookie was willing to turn her sons against each other and against their father, Lucious, in order to gain control of “Empire”. The theme of the show communicates that the target audience are minorities between the ages of 18 and 30. The show is essentially about a hip hop…show more content…
Black culture is actually devalued in the show because it does not show hip hop as the art form it is but as a joke. This is seen by how Hakeem only raps about money and girls or how Lucious made a comedic diss track while in prison. Hip hop is devalued in real life but we also have examples of what real hip hop is. We do not have that in “Empire”. It is messaged to the masses that the only thing black people care about is getting money and that anything from jail time to broken families is worth gaining success. This is seen by the actions of Cookie and the rest of her family throughout the
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