Cookies Vs Glass Pan Research Paper

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Cookie Sheets V.S. Glass Pan Cookies are eaten by 95.2% of U.S. households. Cookies are baked in metal Bakeware or glass Bakeware. By all means, cookies are still cookies when baked in either pan, but there are some differences when compared to one another. Baking cookies can be affected by using a cookie sheet, or a glass pan and also by the amount of heat used. It’s estimated that the U.S. will consume six billion dollars worth of cookies every year. Cookies are such a delight, and have a lot of steps that make them such a treat. To illustrate the point, Food Network gave detailed ingredients to bake chocolate chip cookies, such as unsalted butter, dark brown sugar, sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, semisweet chocolate chips, flour, salt, and baking soda (, 2013). To clarify, Food Network describes directions on how to bake cookies. It explains that temperature should be at 375 degrees Fahrenheit, and place on the middle rack of the oven (, 2013). Cookies have been around for decades. Ruth Wakefield invented chocolate chip cookies in 1937. For example, Wonderopolis explains that the creation of the chocolate chip cookie was a complete accident (, 2014-2015). In…show more content…
Glass Bakeware is a type of cooking source. Simply stated, Solo Foods described glassware as glass in shapes like a pan (, 2013). To clarify, Solo Foods explains that glass pans are used to bake goods and cook meals (, 2013). Although glass cookware is commonly used doesn’t mean it has a lot of benefits. To explain, Solo Foods informed its readers with the fact that glass cookware takes a little longer to heat up (, 2013). To illustrate the point, Solo Foods adds that when glass cookware experiences high temperature shifts, it can shatter violently (, 2013). Glass cookware is a simple source when baking, but isn’t always the best
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