Persuasive Essay About Oven

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“The food is great!” ... “You are a wonderful cook!” … “More please!”
Ah yes, the words you want to hear from people you are cooking for! But no, they never appreciated your cooking. You slaved in the kitchen for hours, but still they don’t throw a compliment or two. Why is that?
Well, maybe the food isn’t great because of the oven you are using! Did you know that ovens can make-break the food you are cooking? You may have used the best and most expensive ingredients, but if your oven doesn’t work one hundred percent or if you are using the wrong oven, then nothing will come out of it. Learn about ovens now!
For me personally, I prefer convection ovens. I tried traditional ovens and microwave ovens before, but I was not satisfied. Sometimes the food got overcooked and sometimes under cooked
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After some chitchats on what to serve, we decided to have some roast chicken, vegetables, pizza, pies, cookies and other pastries.
Believe it or not, we got the following results using convection ovens -
Chicken - It was perfection! Crispy golden brown skin! Tender juicy meat and heavenly smell! But best of all because we used a convection oven, we enjoyed the chicken meal inside and out! It was so yummy to the bone!
Vegetables – Some guests were picky with their food. They requested healthy dishes so we made sure to serve vegetable meals. Everyone was asking how we got it so crunchy and luscious yet it was not overcooked and soggy. Well, loud and proud Tatum and I said, “We used convection ovens”!
Pies - Our friend who is leaving for Europe loves pies so we decided to make two - apple and kiwi. Both pies took turns under a convection oven. The pie dough was soft, fluffy and it wasn't dry at all. The filling was mouth-watering too! It wasn't overcooked, dry or soggy. My friend loved

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