Essay On Cooking Should Be Compulsory

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Topic: Cooking class should be mandatory starting fifth grade.

How many of you here knows how to cook? How many of you here cook their own food? How many of you here help cooking at home? How many of you here doesn't know how to cook and buy take away like Jollibee, McDonalds and alike? How many of you here thinks that cooking is necessary? Most of us doesn't know how to cook so we opt for take away or take outs or we eat at restaurants. Yes, we may know how to boil eggs or fry but don't you think that eating the same menu everyday can be "makabalaw"?

Cooking is an essential skill that everyone must learn and develop. Food is one of the basic need of everyone and this is a universally acknowledged fact. By making cooking class mandatory,
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Cooking is FUN. Some teachers often avoid cooking with young children because of the danger it brings. We should always look at the bright side, you can actually cook a wide variety of snacks that doesn't involve heat if you're students are too young because some teach pupils as early as early childhood. How does cooking promotes creativity? Allow your students to be creative, allow them to experiment (with the teachers guidance of course), and let them add some features or let them decorate the food they made. Some students who has an eye for food, clothing or those who have artistic talent can develop these skills in cooking class. Some may argue that this should be taught at home, but in reality, parents are quite busy and they lack time and energy to do this. Mandatory cooking class would provide the support and the training that parents cannot give it to their children. How does cooking builds self-confidence? Students may feel that they took part in preparing their food, they will feel satisfaction that they contributed something. Some pupils might say "Yay, I made that sandwich!", "Papa, I helped mom cook for lunch." Isn't it satisfying that children feel that way? The purpose of this is to provide students with skills and knowledge that benefit them and the

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