Cool Guys Walk Away From Omelas Analysis

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Cool Guys Walk away from Explosions! In the short story “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas” many people leave the city of Omelas never coming back. These people Leave Omelas for the sake of one suffering child who can't be helped. I would do the same as these humble people and I would leave this terrible city so that my suffering isn't being contained within this young child. I would leave this city like many other humble people because if I stayed here I would be very selfish and have a lot of guilt. Staying in Omelas implies that you’re selfish and that you don't care about others. It means that for anyone that would stay in Omelas it's all about them and that they are happy throughout their lives. To them nothing matters on why or even how they’re happy but the fact that they are. The second reason I would leave Omelas is because I would have extensive guilt for this child and what he has gone through. I would have to leave for the fact that there is no guilt in Omelas and no one cares about this young child.…show more content…
Somebody staying at Omelas might say it's a great city because there is only one child suffering for everyone, where as the city I might arrive to there could be many suffering children. The difference between Omelas and the city I’ll live at is that the suffering child in Omelas never got a chance to be who he wanted to be. He never got an open Opportunity to show who he really was and where he wanted to go in life. He never got to decide his fate. Someone else staying in Omelas might say that their whole city, except one, is happy and that not everyone in the city I’ll live in will be. Again, the difference between Omelas and the city I’ll live in is that our community will work together to unite as one and be happy among each other while Omelas’s happiness is living off the suffering of a young
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