Cool Hand Luke Thesis

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Cool Hand Luke Test Option (A) Cool Hand Luke showed many rebellious attitudes throughout his incarceration on the chain gang. This rebellious attitude could be an insight to the human spirit as it calls out to never give up and to be persistent in what one believes. The idea of bucking the system should be handled with intelligence and great care as it is always dangerous going against the masses. Cool Hand Luke’s rebellion could be seen in his fighting with actor George Kennedy. George had beaten him profusely and yet he wouldn’t stay down. This rebellious attitude is admired by many as it shows the never give up spirit which is needed throughout life. Many situations will arise in life where this mentality will be an asset to a company,…show more content…
He had to fight against society and the authority form this freedom. Martin Luther King was smart but also defiant. When he gave his speech and said “I have a dream that one day, down in the state of Alabama, with its vicious racists, with its governor having his lips dripping with the words of interposition and nullification…” (Phitheta Kappa 188) he was exposing the governor for his totalitarian sect. This section of the speech only mocked the governor for his comments and could be compared to the way Cool Hand Luke mocked the warden. Martin Luther King also demonstrated leadership ability when he also put his well-being on the line and not only took part of the civil rights marches but led them. He inspired others to follow because he made a personal commitment for his cause. The inspiration and the hope he gave was to all people not just one race. He gave people hope that one day that all people will be treated equally and be judged by their character. Martin Luther King was defiant as his home was bombed in 1956 and he continued with his dream showing his never give up attitude. Much like Cool Hand Luke, Martin Luther King was unmoved by the threat of death as he stood at the motel in 1963 he lost his life for his…show more content…
People can become weighted down with tradition as it is easier to fall in line and follow the crowd. However, it takes a person with a rebellious attitude to show the injustices which others have grown accustom. Without a rebellious attitude the never give up attitude would be lost and so would be the hope to better ourselves and our society. I am thankful for those who have rebelled for with them thinking outside the box there would never be
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